about us

VECTOR KUALA LUMPUR SDN BHD (VECTOR) was originally formed as a family business of two shipping companies, assigned to perform a variety of marine construction works.

In recognition of the team’s capabilities, both shipping companies grew in leaps and bounds into one official shipbuilding company i.e., VECTOR, to venture to new and greater heights.

Fueled by vast experience and an insatiable desire to be in the frontier in fabrication work, VKLSB work portfolio then evolved phenomenally from shipbuilding to various degrees of oil & gas and subsea constructions and now, diving into Research & Development of Autonomous Technology in accordance with The Consolidated Strategy on The Fourth Industrial Revolution for ASEAN launched on October 2021.

  • Honest and dependable
  • We are always improving
  • We are passionate

Our Mission

We aim to always work to create new value, remain innovative and consider each business to be of utmost importance so that our clients consider us a trusted and reliable partner. At all times, we strive to be financially responsible and conduct all business activities in an open, honest, and transparent fashion. Being a good corporate citizen, we strive to practise sustainable practices in ensuring our contribution to the betterment of this world.

Leadership & Governance

Leadership at Vector Kuala Lumpur is not about only getting results but rather, getting results in the right way. Our leaders are expected to continually promote ethical behaviour and make well-informed decisions which protect the health and safety of employees, and the natural environment through Full Spectrum Leadership.

Ultimately, everyone of us is a leader, because we all control the attitudes and behaviours of at least one person – ourselves – and we set an example for our colleagues. Vector Kuala Lumpur is striving to establish the tools and reinforce the values to provide everyone with rewarding work in a safe and supportive environment.


The world has changed rapidly over the years, being up to date and advanced in trending needs play a role in order to catch the necessities to be on products, we have to forecast and feel the future, not only that, persisting ourselves to be unique as well as thinking out of the box obviously still remains to be the key, logging down our past weak points each year and keep on producing new version of products is the best way to improvise every angle of the innovation element for the coming years until the people notice our changes.


To develop ourselves sincerely at our very own investment being one of the minimal number of true players in the local industry all for the sake of the surrounding’s welfare as well as for our beloved country’s economy gain back while taking our full responsibility as Malaysians giving our all efforts in contributing to our national ministry of defense to strengthen up better & better which will cause pride & respect gain from the rest of the world to His Royal Highness & our nation along with peace & superb security.