about us

VECTOR KUALA LUMPUR SDN BHD initially formed under the associated shipping companies, Viva Omega Sdn Bhd and Tropical Shipping Pte Ltd, they were assigned with instant services for variety of marine construction works.

In recognition of Vector’s capabilities, both shipping companies elevated them to be one of the official shipbuilding companies, granting them full support in their venture to new heights.

Fueled by experience and an insatiable desire to achieve milestones in fabrication history, Vector Kuala Lumpur evolved phenomenally from shipbuilding to various degrees of oil & gas and subsea constructions, the organization is passionate about futuristic creations.

On the other hand, throughout the exposures of the fabrication life, Vector was indirectly attracted to the beauty of Hydrographic Survey world and now they are deep down in it.

  • Honest and dependable
  • We are always improving
  • We are passionate

Our Mission

We must everyday put the trust within ourselves that we actually have an equal or even higher level of idea quality compared to the rest of the world which the difference is just the uniquely individual outcomes internationally, that it is just a matter of time for it to result. Avoid being in such zone, we shall stop putting ourselves in the mindset from the past that we are still at low point and incomparable, let our attitude be as low as down to earth but our mind as high as the unlimited sky as a package for the public to embrace us. Sooner or later they will understand and love our signature humbling kind of working methodology culture as well as our loyal & genuine management as our sincere contribution to the community and beloved country.

Whereas, internally we will ensure that the financial management & arrangement will be made to be as ‘holy’ as possible to allow all of the development plans to possibly happen as we strongly hook ourselves to nothing is better than a well managed financial system in order to successfully allow our internal vision indirectly supports our mission to happen. For us, enough is enough to the previous cultured of irresponsibly, irrelevantly, unnecessarily, and overly expenses kind of management which causes undeliverable projects thus leads to failures of welfare conveyances as well as the national economic recovery/development plans. And that will be what makes us different.


The world has changed rapidly over the years, being up to date and advanced in trending needs play a role in order to catch the necessities to be on products, we have to forecast and feel the future, not only that, persisting ourselves to be unique as well as thinking out of the box obviously still remains to be the key, logging down our past weak points each year and keep on producing new version of products is the best way to improvise every angle of the innovation element for the coming years until the people notice our changes.


To develop ourselves sincerely at our very own investment being one of the minimal number of true players in the local industry all for the sake of the surrounding’s welfare as well as for our beloved country’s economy gain back while taking our full responsibility as Malaysians giving our all efforts in contributing to our national ministry of defense to strengthen up better & better which will cause pride & respect gain from the rest of the world to His Royal Highness & our nation along with peace & superb security.